Little Yuki and her brother Yoshi were found by two tourists alone, crying for their mum, who probably died in a car accident. When they were brought here, they were probably about 10 days old, their eyes had just opened.


Yuki was still very small, much smaller than her brother. We fed her around the clock and watched her grow. After two weeks, Christin had a very difficult time with Yuki, she stopped gaining weight and even lost weight in the end, which can quickly become dangerous with newborn kittens. She just didn’t want to eat any more.

Christin tried switching her food from bottle milk to wet kitten food but no food was right for Yuki and she stopped eating. While her brother immediately learned to eat wet food from his bowl, it took more than a week of struggle with Yuki to feed her with a syringe. Often we had to feed her with the two of us because she fought so hard against it.

But in the end she understood and started to gain weight again! Now she is a very happy kitty! She fell in love with Vento and had a phase where she loved to cuddle with him. She would lie as close as she could to him and then fall asleep right there. Nowadays, she prefers to lie right by the radiator.

Yuki is an angel, doesn’t get into much mischief and is very calm. While her brother roars at us to signal that he is hungry, she just waits silently for the food to arrive.

Yuki will stay with us at AlmaGea together with her brother Yoshi and she will hopefully live a long and happy life here.


Yuki’s sponsors / godparents are Alina and Alia and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!