Little Yoshi and his sister Yuki were found by two tourists in October 2020, alone, crying for their mum. They had survived a storm outside alone and were brought to us by the tourists the next day. They were probably about 10 days old, their eyes had just opened.


Yoshi was a bit bigger and heavier than his sister, but still so incredibly small! He looked like a tiny lion with his red mane! After a few weeks of regular bottle-feeding, Yoshi was able to eat on his own, use the cat toilet and play a lot.

Yoshi has made friends with the “big” cats and also with our dog Vento. He has an incredibly loud voice and lets us know regularly that he is hungry (again). Yoshi is very brave, not afraid at all and sooo curious. Just another cute little kitten who is growing up way too fast…

Yoshi doesn’t like driving in the car at all and can’t tolerate it either, he has to throw up on every trip to the vet and suffers.

Now he can stay with us together with his sister Yuki and live a nice and hopefully very long life.


Yoshi’s sponsor / godmother is Maike and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her support! Yoshi is still looking for a second godparent! Would you like to help? Please contact us!