Vento, who we also like to call Ventolino, is probably an abandoned hunting dog who didn’t do his job well enough (anymore?), so he was just left to die. We found him in January 2020 in the mountains not far from our current property. 


The poor guy was completely emaciated & full of fear and mistrust. But his story has changed for the better! We took him in, showered him with love and food and now he is the sweetest, brightest and most fun dog ever!

He loves us dearly and we feel the same the other way around! He has a very soft side (one vet said he was incredibly sensitive, not to say a mimosa) and sometimes needs a lot of attention, love and petting, but at the same time he is very independent and likes to spend hours alone in the forest.

He can run incredibly fast and needs to every day. He makes us laugh every day and it’s just lovely to see him so happy and relaxed. He also gets along great with all our cats by now (cat food is one of his favourites), as well as with other dogs and is just a sweetheart who will never leave us again!

Vento’s sponsor / godmother is Ann-Christin and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her support!