Nixy came to live with us in March 2021. She was alone on the street, was incredibly scared and just wanted to run away. Fortunately, she was not badly nourished.


Physically she seemed to be fine, but she was incredibly afraid of everything: her environment, other animals, people, noises, etc. We slowly tried to gain her trust and show her that people can also be good to her.

Slowly she became more and more comfortable and after a few days she finally dared to come out of her box when we wanted to take her for a walk. We gave and still give her all the time in the world and just as much time as she needs to learn that she can trust us completely. We already know that she is a wonderful dog and that she will have a great life once she is no longer so fearful.

As soon as she recovers and gets used to people, we will most likely look for someone to adopt her, who will give her a loving forever home, where she will be given lots of love and where she will be allowed to grow and evolve.

Nixy’s sponsors / godmothers are Lisa and Melanie and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!