Mr Chloé was our first real emergency, apart from the very young kittens. We received a phone call in early October 2020 informing us that someone had hit / run over a cat with their car.


When Mr Chloé (then still Chloé, the official vet said he was female) arrived here, he was more dead than alive. His body temperature was already dangerously low, his small, thin body was covered in lice, he was not moving at all and was lying in his own urine and faeces.

Christin stayed by his side for a few days and nights almost without interruption. She gave him liquid food in his mouth and additional fluids and medication under his skin. At first she thought she would accompany him in his dying process. But they fought their way out together!

After a few days he moved a little, after more than a week Christin was allowed to stroke him, he started to eat on his own and at some point he also made it to the cat toilet on his own. Now the little man is doing very well, he has made friends with all the cats and especially with Vento and feels very comfortable here.

In many situations he is still more fearful than the others but he is learning to trust more and more. Mr. Chloé was supposed to move in with the family that found him. But we decided together with the family that he would be better off here because of his history, his character and his close friendship with Frida. So, Mr. Chloé will stay with us!

Mr. Chloé’s sponsors / godparents are Steffi and Caro and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!