Gizmo suddenly appeared in a cat colony in October 2020 and was not accepted by the other cats. He must have lived with humans before, because he was very trusting from the beginning. He was probably abandoned.


Now the little man can grow up here with us and he feels very at ease. He loves to cuddle and can’t get close enough to people – he loves to have his whole face in Christin’s face. He gets on very well with the other cats most of the time, but he can be quite unpleasant with them as well from time to time.

Then he teases, wants to really fight and tries to do so until someone joins in. But you can never be angry with him, because as soon as you take him away from the other cats and take him into your arms, he is the sweetest darling of all. He is definitely the best climber and has taught the other cats how to get to the top of the trees.

He also seems to be a little control freak: as soon as you start cleaning the cat toilet, you can count the seconds until he sits next to it. He then watches you until everything is done.

We are very happy that this little cuddly friend has found his way to us.


Gizmo’s sponsors / godparents are Julie and Markus and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!