We received a message from our vet in September 2020 asking if we could take in a little kitten with so-called swimmer syndrome (and a skin fungus). Unfortunately, Frida would have had no place to grow up otherwise.


Once here, we quickly discovered that Frida did not have Swimmer’s Syndrome, but was paralysed. Her care took up all our time and it will always be a time-consuming task…. Frida gets her bladder emptied 4-5 times a day and also her bowels. BUT we do not want to reduce Frida to her handicap under any circumstances! That would simply not do her justice…

She has such a great character, is incredibly forgiving and loves her humans dearly. She has become Christin’s little shadow and wherever she goes, Frida follows. Apart from the times when you have to annoy her by emptying her bladder, she is a very happy little cat. She likes to play with the other cats and loves to cuddle.

She is incredibly strong, can pull herself up on anything (for example she gets on the bed by herself but she also likes to get on the lap by herself, OUCH). She loves her food and loves to be petted. But she can also be very clear and vehement in her opinion and if she doesn’t want something, she doesn’t want it. This is loudly announced.

Frida is a little fighter and her care will still involve some complications (such as recurring bladder infections or constipation). But we have taken her so much into our hearts and are so glad that she has found her forever home here.

Frida’s sponsors / godparents are Corinne, Stef├án & Kat, Carina, Alina, Silke and Marina and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!