We had just arrived at our property in August 2020, hadn’t even transported our furniture and boxes to the top (the camper was too heavy to make it up the mountain with all the stuff), when the news came: a tourist had found little Alma alone and screaming for her mum.

Handover was in the middle of the road at night and so it all began – feeding every two hours, day and night, for weeks. Alma was about two days old when she arrived. We saw how her eyes slowly opened, how her ears unfolded, we were there when she learned to walk, taught her to eat on her own and to use the cat toilet.

In the meantime she is a young lady and sometimes we can’t believe what a brave young cat she has become! She is afraid of NOTHING, she tries everything, she tests limits every day and has such a strong character! She definitely fools around the most as well (Luca says she got that from her foster mum).

When we take the dogs for a walk, Alma is always joining. She stands up to the dogs and does her thing.

Oh Almi, we love you so much and are amazed every day at what you have become. You are great, great, great! And so unbelievably beautiful too!


Alma’s sponsors / godparents are Franzi and Luisa and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!