Do you want to help animals? Do you want to do something good for the environment?

Without support this project cannot be realised. We need YOUR help to be able to help more animals and to let our permaculture project really take off.

You can support us financially in many different ways, or you can drop by for a while and help us out on site…



If you would like to support us financially on a one-off or regular basis, you can do so conveniently right here on our homepage. Feel free to use PayPal to send us your donation.

Otherwise, you can of course also support us by bank transfer, direct debit or with a one-time or permanent donation.

Please use our donation form directly here on the homepage with “Donate now”.

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Please transfer your donation manually to our account and click on "Donate now" below so that we can allocate your donation correctly. Use the following bank details for your donation:

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Thank you very much!

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Fundrasing campaign

At the moment we are building dog enclosures, a cat area and we would also like to build enclosures and stables for other animals such as chickens, sheep, donkeys etc.. We have organised a fundraiser for this:


On Patreon you can, for example, sponsor one of our animal residents or trees or otherwise support us monthly. The membership starts at 3€ / month, you can either choose the amount freely or select a predefined “package”.


On Teaming you can support us with just one euro per month.

Donation of items

We are always in need of different things for the animals or the property and you are welcome to help us with a donated items. Feel free to contact us and we can tell you what we need most urgently and how you can send it to us.

Help on site

Every now and then it is also nice to receive physical help here on site. Contact us if you are thinking about coming to Sicily for a few weeks to help us. 


THANK YOU at this point to the many people who support us in realising our ideas and plans. 

THANK YOU to our families and friends who stand behind us and help whenever possible. 

THANK YOU to our supporters who support us financially every month. You are so important to this project!


THANK YOU to everyone who supported us financially or sent us things.

THANK YOU to all the helpers who were here on site and actively lent a hand. Together we can do so much more!

Without ALL of you it could not work and we are incredibly grateful that you are there!