Welcome to AlmaGea!

AlmaGea combines two of our heartfelt themes – giving animals in need a home and at the same time doing our part to give back to nature.


Our animal sanctuary is not only intended to help so-designated pets such as dogs and cats in need but also to give a loving home to so-classified farm animals who are unfortunately far too often forgotten in our world.


We want to use our 25,000 square metres of land to plant as many trees as possible. For example, we are planting a food forest according to the principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

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This is us

Hey, we are Christin and Luca and together we have created the project AlmaGea. Find out more about us and our project here.

Who founded AlmaGea?

Here, you can find out more about Christin & Luca.

What does AlmaGea mean?

Find out here what our name stands for.

Our vision & mission

Read more about what motivates us and what we want to achieve.

Our plans for the future

Here you can learn more about what can come into life here at our place.



You would like to support us?

You can do so in many ways:


One-off or regular donations possible

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One-off or regular donations possible

Animal sponsorship

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Mini donation with Teaming

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What drives us


To give animals in need a home, to carry out castration campaigns, to create a place where people can recharge their batteries, to live as self-sufficiently as possible and at the same time giving back to nature. In addition to that, to educate, e.g. on the topics of castration campaigns and veganism.

Our animals

“Anyone who says you can’t touch happiness has never petted an animal.”

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You want to know which animals are currently living with us and how they are doing? You want to see what we are planting / harvesting or what we are building? You want to experience a bit of our everyday life? If you want to be “closer to us”, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We usually upload daily stories and post regularly so that you can stay up to date. We look forward to seeing you!